Why social media marketing & advertising?

We’ll make sure you get more than your fair share of social voice by ensuring your digital and social media presence is relevant, timely, on-brand and entertaining. We’ll create content, engage with and organically grow your audience as well as manage your digital and social media advertising in Liverpool.

Socialike have the lot in our locker, experienced advertising creatives, PRs, media buyers and digital marketers. Everything in one place, just how you like it. Nice.

Increase brand awareness using social media advertising in Liverpool

The oh-yeah-I’ve-heard-of-you-effect

Drive traffic to your website

In-bound leads, you want this right?

Increase in-person and online sales

Bricks and mortar or digital, more customers through your (real or virtual) door

Delivers great return on investment

The most bang for your buck will come from social media marketing and advertising and it’s all measured and reported

Create a loyal fanbase

They love what your brand does and how it does it, they wait for your next post, offer or witty quip – they buy more of your stuff

No longer an optional extra, but a shop window for the world on your business. Start taking advantage of the power of social media to amplify your message, build your brand and grow your business. Can you afford to ignore social media advertising in Liverpool? Here’s the Social stuff we can do for you.

Social Media use

% of uk population on Facebook
% of social media users globally
% internet users using social
% who have engaged on social

Source: Hootsuite.